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Reflex Labs RAD-140 Testolone Bulking SARMs 5mg 90 Capsules
Reflex Labs RAD-140 Testolone Bulking SARMs 5mg 90 Capsules

Reflex Labs RAD-140 Testolone Bulking SARMs 5mg 90 Capsules

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RAD-140 - Benefits, Results, Side effects and dosage 

RAD-140 is a selective androgen receptor modulator also known as a SARM. It is considered to be the strongest SARM currently on the market along with YK11 and LGD-4033. The compound works by only attaching onto androgen receptors in the bone and muscle. Whereas steroids attach to a lot more receptors in the body, essentially meaning RAD-140 will provide benefits such as increased muscle mass without leaving as many nasty side-effects such as heart problems. 

Why is RAD-140 the strongest SARM?

RAD-140 is the closest selective androgen receptor modulator to steroids, meaning you can get drastic results from this SARM in a short period of time. 

One crazy fact to show the potency of the compound is that has an anabolic-androgenic ratio of 80:1 which is higher than testosterone. 

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RAD-140 Benefits 

1. Great Mass Builder 

Due to the high anabolic ratio, testosterone is great for increasing lean muscle mass with little water retention.

2. Increase In Strength 

Users have reported crazy strength gains on compound lifts such as squat, bench and deadlift whilst breaking plateaus.

3. Versatile 

RAD-140 is a great SARM to use on either a bulk or cut, this is because strength gains can be made whilst in a caloric deficit.

As well as this fat loss can be achieved whilst increasing muscle mass simultaneously making it great for body recompositions.

Other positives worth mentioning are increased vascularity, hard & dry look and it's easily stacked with other SARMs such as Ostarine, LGD-4033, and MK677.

RAD-140 side effects

Testolone selectively binds to androgen receptors in the muscle and bone, essentially meaning that you won't experience a lot of side effects compared to steroidal compounds. 

However, due to the RAD-140 being one of the more potent SARMs there are a few side effects that some users report

  1. Slight testosterone suppression 
  2. Increased Aggression 

This is dose-dependent for most people, as the more you take the more susceptible you are to adverse effects.

RAD-140 Dosage

In terms of Dosages, it is recommended to use anywhere from 5-20mg daily, with 20mg MAX, going any higher could cause adverse unwanted side effects.

RAD-140 Cycle Length 

An optimal cycle would last 5-8 weeks, as it allows plenty of time for results but decreases the chance of testosterone suppression. The compound only needs to be taken once a day as it has a fairly long half-life of 15-20 hours.


We recommend anyone taking RAD-140 to take a post cycle treatment as suppression can occur with higher dosages. For a PCT click here.

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