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About Us


Based in the UK, UKSarmSupplier was created with one goal- to offer amazing products at unbeatable, market competitive prices. UKSarmSupplier sources products that are batch tested and third-party certified to ensure great quality and amazing results, regardless of your fitness goals. Whether that ensues losing body fat to maintain a toned figure or to optimise lean muscle mass to look more rounded and muscular, as well as being complimented with a vast improvement in strength and muscular endurance, therefore improving your experience in the gym and helping you to further your fitness goals in a lower amount of time.

UKSarmSupplier caters to all types of people, athletes, gym-goers and general public alike, all people are capable of optimising performance and enhancing their physique by utilising SARMS as part of their daily lifestyle.

UKSarmSupplier also offers the best delivery times, as we prioritise the consumer therefore we make it our utmost interest to ensure that the consumer is happy with their shopping experience with us and the actual product itself. We are proud to say that we ship worldwide, thuds making our SARMS available to all globally.

Why are SARMs safer than Steroids?

Steroids attach onto the androgen receptors all over the body including the hair, heart, and genitals ect. This causes many unwanted serious side effects, such as heart problems, testicular shrinkage, hair loss and the list goes on. Where as SARMs selectively bind to androgen receptors in the muscle and bone only causing positive effects.

Overview of what each SARM does?

There are many different types of selective androgen receptor modulators which all have different strengths and effects, for example some are better for fat loss, some are better for building muscle and some can even do both simultaneously.