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How long are shipping times?

Orders made in the UK will be shipped in 2-3 days, however orders made outside the UK should be with you in 7 working days (US Within 5 days).

Are your SARMs third party tested and legitimate?

Yes we have certificates of analysis on all our SARMs which you can view on the product pages. These are HPLC certificates which are third party tested by an american research company named 'Calamoric Analyticals LLC'. All of our SARMs are 98%+ in purity, so you don't need to worry about under dosed products.

What SARMs should I take if i'm new to the compounds.?

We recommend taking the less potent SARMs to start off with, as you are new to the compounds, to great SARMs for beginners would be MK-677 and MK-2866.

What are SARMS?

SARMs stand for selective androgen receptor modulators.SARMs were initially developed for the treatment of muscle and bone wasting diseases such as osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis (MS).