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BodyBuilt Labs Natural Testosterone Booster

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This natural test-booster will be sure to increase and regulate your testosterone levels up to the normal-high range. Testosterone is responsible for increased muscle mass and increased levels of energy.

Benefits or normal-high testosterone levels:

  • Decreased body fat 
  • Increased muscle mass
  • strengthens bones
  • Increased libido and improved erections
  • Improves mood

Ingredients and their effect:

Fenugreek - Increases libido and promotes growth in skeletal muscles 

Tribulus - Lowers bad cholesterol, lowers insulin sensitivity and boosts your immune system

Tongkat Ali - Increases sperm count, speeds up metabolic rate and helps to reduce stress

Ashwagandha - Increases energy levels, reduces sugar levels in the blood, and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Nettles - Reduces Joint pain, reduces high blood pressure and increases the production of testosterone   

For optimal results, three capsules should be taken daily.


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