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Ostarine MK-2866 12.5mg 50 Capsules
uksarmsupplier - Bodybuilt Labs Ostarine MK-2866 10mg 90 Capsules - UKSarmSupplier -
uksarmsupplier - Bodybuilt Labs Ostarine MK-2866 10mg 90 Capsules - UKSarmSupplier -
uksarmsupplier - Bodybuilt Labs Ostarine MK-2866 10mg 90 Capsules - UKSarmSupplier -

Ostarine MK-2866 12.5mg 50 Capsules

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Ostarine - Results, Benefits, Side Effects and Dosage

What Is Ostarine? (MK-2866)

Ostarine/MK-2866 is a selective androgen receptor modulator also known as a SARM. Ostarine is one of the most popular and researched SARMs on the market to date, which is partially due to it being one of the safest and mildest SARMs. It was created by a pharmaceutical company called GTx with the initial purpose of treating muscle wasting diseases. But due to its muscle-building benefits, it has become very popular for athletes and bodybuilders and is considered to be the best SARM for cutting.

How Does Ostarine Work?

 Ostarine stimulates androgen receptors specifically in muscle and bone cells, assisting bone density, bone strength, muscle building, and they help to preserve muscle tissue. Ostarine has a little number of side effects making it an attractive compound for bodybuilders. As well as its muscle-building benefits it is also great for fat loss as it increases oxidization of fatty tissue in the body. These benefits essentially mean you can increase muscle mass whilst losing fat with ease, which as any experienced bodybuilder knows is extremely hard to do, therefore making it multi-purpose and the best SARM for cutting.

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Ostarine Benefits 

  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass
Due to Ostarine being created to help fight muscle wasting diseases, it is good for increasing lean muscle mass. Studies have proven Ostarines muscle-building capabilities.
  • Great for Fat Loss

Losing muscle during a cut is usually inevitable, however, with MK-2866 it prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue and will preserve the muscle even when on the lowest of calories. Users of MK-2866 have reported an increase in muscle mass whilst being in a caloric deficit which makes it one of the best SARMs for body recomposition. As well as this it helps you burn more calories than you consume through the oxidization of fat. 

  •  Healthy Impact On The Heart 

An experiment was conducted on 120 healthy elderly people where they were all given 1-3mg of Ostarine daily. The findings suggested that the compound reduced lipoids such as HDL cholesterol, triglycerides and helped give a healthy lipid level which overall helped prevent chronic heart diseases.

Other benefits of Ostarine worth mentioning are prolonged stamina, nitrogen retention and an increase in strength and power.


Ostarine Side Effects

When it comes to side effects you’ll be glad to hear there are no severe side effects when it comes to taking MK-2866 as its fairly mild compared to other SARMs such as RAD-140.

Ostarine Dosages & Half-Life

 In terms of dosages for MK-2866, it is recommended to take 10-25mg MAX, 25mg being on the high end and should not be surpassed as it could lead to adverse and unwanted side effects. For optimal results, a user should run the compound anywhere from 6-10 weeks once a day as it has a very long half-life of 24 hours. A post cycle treatment is generally not needed for Ostarine as it is unlikely to cause serious testosterone suppression in my opinion.  


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