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 YK-11 Myostatin Inhibitor  

What is YK11 & is it the most potent SARM?

YK11 is a myostatin inhibitor and belongs to a group of selective androgen receptor modulators known as SARMs. The SARM works by binding to just the androgen receptors in the muscle and bones, therefore, increasing the ability to build lean muscle mass without the inconvenience of many side effects that are associated with other compounds like steroids. Due to its high anabolic ratio, it is considered to be one of the most potent SARM out there.

How Does YK11 WORK?

YK11 helps to inhibit myostatin activity by increasing the presence of follistatin in your body. As these levels rise, this will help to keep your myostatin levels in check and prevent it from limiting muscle growth/stopping your muscles from getting bigger and too large.

YK11 is the only selective androgen receptor modulator known to inhibit myostatin. This is amazing for bodybuilders as your natural limit becomes uncapped with this potent compound meaning you are far less likely to hit plateaus if training and diet are in check.

Another positive YK-11 benefit you can look forward to is its ability to affect DHT pathways. By activating protein kinase B, this sends signals to your brain to increase the creation of bone-building cells, and encourage greater bone growth leading to stronger and healthier bones. 

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  • Bone Health

YK11 may increase bone strength by binding itself to androgen receptors, which is similar to what most SARMs do. YK11 can also increase the amount of activated PKB(protein kinase B) present in the body’s cells which facilitates the growth of bone cells. This reduces the chance of fractures when bones are put under stress.

  •  Increase In Muscle Size & Strength

It naturally increases follistatin levels significantly, which in turn enhances your body’s ability to produce muscle cells and tissue. Follistatin is also responsible for suppressing myostatin, thus opening you up to the possibility of limitless muscle growth (this is why people believe its the most potent SARM)


 Suppression of testosterone is the most common side effect reported, which is expected from the high potency and anabolic effects of the compound. Therefore a PCT ( Post Cycle Treatment) cycle is recommended to bring testosterone levels back to normal.  

YK11 Results / Before And After

YK11 Results are insane due to the high potency and anabolic ratio of the compound making it one of the strongest SARMs available on the market. Many people have put on as much as 10lbs on a single cycle of YK11, but for an experienced bodybuilder, they can expect to put on 5-10lbs of lean muscle mass on a 6-8 week cycle. 


YK11 Dosages & Half-Life

 With high potency SARMs, it is important to use them for no more than eight weeks otherwise you increase the risk of testosterone suppression. Due to limited studies, it is hard to say what the best YK11 Dosage is, however, users claim that a dosage of 5-10mg for 4-8 weeks will give you good results with limited side effects. The half-life of YK11 is relatively short, meaning it should be dosed multiple times throughout the day for optimal results. 

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